DIY Roofing Repair

While we are a wholesale roofing supplier, we realize that some homeowners, given the proper information, are capable of replacing and/or fixing their roof leaks. BRS will sell directly to the homeowner if they are in need of roofing materials in the Miami-Dade, Monroe, Broward and Palm Beach County areas.

If you are looking to fully replace your roof, please refer direct to our Re-Roof by Homeowner page.

If you are looking to repair a leaky roof, here we offer suggestions to make the process run smoothly. There is some information we will need, in order for us to better serve you. Here are a few of the questions we will ask.

1. Are you replacing or repairing your roof?
2. Is this a flat deck roof or shingle roof?
3. What is the square footage of the roof/area being repaired?
4. What are the dimensions of the drip edge?

You can contact us for more information at 954-962-7980, M-F from 7:30am – 4 pm, and Sat from 8am -11am.


Asphalt roof cement

Replacement shingles

1 1/4″ r/s coil nails

Utility knife




How to replace 3 Tab asphalt shingles:

Use prybar to lift tabs from shingle underneath. Once tabs lifted, nails should be exposed. Use keyhole in prybar to remove nails. Slide shingle out. Clean the area and slide new shingle in place. Use 6 1/14″ ring shank nails and nail back in place. Use a tube of roofing cement and run a bead of cement so tabs from upper shingle will stay in place. The heat from the sun will reseal completely.


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